Friday, September 10

Getting Sparked

I recently joined The Gritty Bird Academy and decided to give Becky's Creative Spark Fridays a try.  Here are the sparks for the week of 9/3-9/10:


Artistic Theme

Kaleidoscope of Color



Theme Words, Poem or Phrase

the kaleidoscope turns
in patterns and colors
a swirl of blend
continually tossed
by each turn of the hand

within the tube are
prisms of light
easily colored
by the direction
it's pointed

and what was a star
becomes a flower
a shape disappears and
becomes a pattern
then shifts again
into the blend

beautiful glimpses
that tumble around
each small piece
a part of the whole

pieces of stardust
pockets of glitter
you know with each turn
nothing much matters

just that you turned
and looked at the colors
admired its moment
and swirled in the blend
- Debby Rosenberg


**Creative SPARK THREE**

Theme Color Palette

You'll notice that the punch of pink in the image is missing from the color palette. I am not sure why it did not come through the generator but I am plan to add into my sparks, so please feel free to as well if you like!

And here's my Sparked Creation:


  1. Love your Spark Jennifer !!! Love all the charms makes you peek at each one to see what's going on : )

  2. This spark is so beautiful - I love your interpretation! I am a sucker for solder and resin, and the charms and colors you chose to accent the "grow" focal are so colorful and fun. Great job!

    :-) Molly

  3. thats really awesome! beautiful necklace. and WHAT is that photo? it is SO pretty although I suspect it is some kind of bacterial growth in... like... oil fields??? WHAT IS IT! I MUST KNOW!!

  4. Jennifer! This is so so lovely!

    The colors are incredible. Excellent job. I am so glad that you are giving the sparks a try!

    I look forward to seeing what you create next. Take Care.

    oh and in response to ArtGirl... the photo is of terraced rice fields in southern china. What you see is the growth of the rice! :)


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