Tuesday, July 26

Heat Wave Camping

She's been wanting to go camping...so we have been for the last week!

Saturday, July 23

Songs That Make Us Sing Saturday

I realize I've got a water theme going here, but it's hot here people. We are talking 103 degrees!
When I find a genie in a bottle, my first wish is gonna be for pipes like these! Happy Saturday!

Friday, July 22

It's Getting Hot In Here...

I won't continue with the rest of the lyrics, but really, leaving the air conditioned house is just a terribly silly thing to do here in the Midwest this week.  Instead I've been putting to use all the things I've learned from her in this class. 

And here's a sneak peek at the inside:

Jealous? You can make one for yourself that looks like this:

And you can fill it full of pages that look like this:

Or this:

Or this:

Believe me, it will become an obsession and you will have to make your sister a baby book that looks like this:

Check it out for yourself, but you'll see that Full Tilt Boogie is a great class and Miss Moss, well, she's just an inspiration!

Saturday, July 16

Songs That Make Us Sing Saturday

We went to the Bahamas for our 2oth Anniversary...we shouldn't have waited for so long...now we go to the Lake of the Ozarks...water is water right? not!!! Still, knee deep or chest deep the water is where its at!

Friday, July 15

8:34 AM, 83 Degrees

It's no secret the Midwest is bracing for a blistering heat wave just as LA braces for "Carmageddon."  These two events probably have no connection, just as the scene in my laundry room this morning has absolutely NO connection to the two aforementioned events.  I'm sorry, but my conscience just won't allow me to show you a picture.  Suffice it to say that SRS may get wind of the mess and come for my children, even though they are the ultimate cause of my shock and horror as I groggily padded into the laundry room this morning to start my daily grind routine.  You see, last night just before curling up in bed to read for a few minutes before my exhaustion won over, I requested that my two middle children (ages 13 and 16) bring their dirty laundry to the laundry room.  I could hear from the bickering back and forth that they were complying with my request.  There is no way I could have prepared for this morning's laundry room scene.   We are in the middle of a heat wave here people.  The bins should have held t-shirts, shorts, swimsuits and cover-ups all neatly sorted by color value.  No, apparently all the SWEATSHIRTS and SWEATPANTS my children own had been breeding quietly in their rooms!  WHAT??!!  Those items should have been neatly stowed months ago.  I tell you, you just don't need them in Kansas in July!  To calm myself, I watched the following and imagined myself there; alone with a bottle of red wine...

Wednesday, July 13

It's Not Saturday

I'm really going to try to keep up with "Songs That Make Us Sing Saturdays" which I learned about over at Because I'm The Mommy.  I'm acutely aware that it is Wednesday, but I just came across it so I'm gonna post it today...rules schmules.  Wanna play along?  Click on the button in the left sidebar to get all the info.

You might have missed this:

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