Friday, October 30

Keeping Promises

I promised in my post on December 6 of last year that I would post photos of the finished hat I was getting ready to start knitting.  It is suddenly sad to me that this much time has gotten away from me.  I've made a promise to myself to spend more time doing the things that bring me joy and to slow down and savor my wonderful life.  So here's to promises.  Pictures of finished hats, and a return to blogging, knitting, sewing, writing, loving, laughing, living...
The promised finished product.  Maybe Julia will decide she likes hats this year... or not

A bonnet made from a recycled wool sweater and corduroy skirt

In honor of Journalfest... potholder journals

A Bo Peep skirt made from a recycled pillowcase

Wednesday, October 28

I'm Back!

It's been too long.  I have stayed away from my blog for so long now, it seems a lifetime ago.  I just returned from a beautiful few days in Port Townsend, WA and now I am truly reinspired!  It just takes a short time surrounded by wonderfully creative people and the juices begin to flow again.  I must stay focused though. So many new techniques to try, so many new things to learn! I understand now why so many people go to the Northwest to find their creative muse.  What a supremely beautiful place!

The views from Fort Worden State Park are incredible! This place will forever call to me.  A big thank you to Teesha and Tracy Moore for the first ever Journalfest!  You can check them out at and
I've learned so much.  Now, I must honor it all by continuing my creative journey.

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