Monday, June 14

Good Things

Despite all the "It goes so fast", "Enjoy every minute", "They'll be gone before you know it" advice, I wasn't emotionally prepared for this day.  I thought I was; really.  I made it through football season without tears, I wasn't sad when he decided not to play basketball his senior season; not even his last prom brought a tear to my eye.  I had been telling myself all along that I had done my job.  He's prepared. We had instilled in him a faith in God, a strong work ethic, a sense of responsibility and loyalty, a love for all that is America.  I was ready.  I was so proud.  And then graduation day came and he said "Bye Mom, I'm gonna head over to the school now.  I'll see you in a few minutes."  And that started the waterworks.  I just couldn't bear to watch him go. Despite my tears I was so happy for him and so proud.  I look forward to watching the way he will meet the world head on.  I cannot possibly describe the pride I felt as he addressed the crowd at graduation with such confidence, humor, and intelligence.  There are good things to come from my boy.  REALLY good things.

Congratulations Ash.  Here's to many more GOOD THINGS.

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