Friday, October 1

I've taken a long knitting hiatus, but I found Laurie's blog and beside making me pee my pants with laughter, it makes me want to knit (and drink wine).  Really though, the days are getting shorter, the nights cooler, and the treetops are tinged with the most beautiful amber color one could imagine; knitting season has arrived.  So I allowed myself 30 minutes in the yarn store (any longer and I have to visit the bank for a short-term loan) to find something lovely with which to knit a hat.

So the yarn I chose is Chunky Mochi, color #805 by Crystal Place Yarns.  It is 80% merino wool and 20% nylon.  The hat pattern I chose is called "Brimming with Style" and I found it in hats gloves scarves by Louisa Harding.  This is what it looks like:

I'll post my version once its completed.  I'm not a fast knitter, so don't hold your breath while you wait!

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