Friday, November 6

More From Journalfest

This is the journal I prepared to take to Journalfest.  It has a picture of my grandma on the front because she is one of my greatest inspirations.  The following pages were done on the second day in Tracy Bunkers class.  What fun to play with layers of gesso, paint, paper, fabric, stamps, etc!

The first day's class was Traci Bautista's "Graffiti Insriptions" where we learned many techniques with paint to create layers and layers of interesting texture.  We also learned to make our own free-form stamps with craft foam and monoprints with overhead projector transparencies.

And after creating our fantastic canvases, we ripped them up to create a fun and funky journal.  Mine holds all my trades, evidence, and memories from Journalfest.

My last day at Journalfest was spent in a writing workshop with Stephanie Lee.  What a breath of fresh air that was!

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