Wednesday, September 8

Golden Memories

I have vivid memories of one Christmas in the early eighties when my dad and uncles gave my grandparents a VCR.  It was the size of today's microwave and weighed 100 pounds!  It was the most amazing thing to me.  Along with the gift of the VCR, came the movie "On Golden Pond."  I don't remember my grandparents ever having any other movies except the tapes my grandma "made" of PBS programming and "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson."  I watched "On Golden Pond" so many times, I think I must have had it memorized.  The other night when I finally plopped exhausted onto the sofa, I was excited to see my husband had run across the movie while channel surfing.  What was a girl to do but watch it one more time.  I must confess after watching, I had to do some web-surfing of Squam Lake to check out the real estate market.  If you are in the market for a little cottage with a $1-5 million dollar price tag, this is the lake for you!

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  1. On Golden Pond has been my favorite movie since the first time I saw it, and I had the pleasure of attending an art workshop held on Squam Lake a little over a year ago. It was everything you would imagine it might have been. I love it there!


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