Thursday, January 31

Good Things Happen When You Pay Attention

My cousin had been holding on to some plates that belonged to my great grandma "Peck" Peckenpaugh.  She dropped them by my house recently so I could ship them to my sister whose married name is "Perez."

Something happened while I was packing them to send to her.  I realized that an upside down "p" is in fact a "d" which obviously stands for "Dover."  

So I did what any good sister would do; kept 5 of the plates for myself, flipped one over and checked the manufacturer, logged on to Ebay, and bought matching salad plates for both of us.

I would love to add to the set for us, so I'll be checking Ebay often and scouting flea markets and estate sales to see what else I can find.

Friday, January 4

What Not To Do During The Holidays

Do not move into your basement the week of Thanksgiving so you can have your main floor hardwoods refinished;

unless they turn out like this.

Do not, that same week, rip everything out of your main floor bathroom;

unless you get a vanity like this to replace the old one.

Do not move all the furniture from your bedroom into your master bath and your living room the week before Christmas;

unless you get new bedroom carpet that looks like this.

Do not, that same week, rip off all the carpet and treads on your main stairs and replace them with oak treads;

unless you end up with stairs that look like these.

still without the handrail...

And do not, the Saturday before Christmas, have a custom cabinet installed in your lounge;

unless it rocks like this even before paint and hardware.

You might have missed this:

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