Monday, October 17

Epic Roadtrip

We left home on Thursday with an empty truck and trailer and a full tank of gas.  We had maps and sunscreen, bungies, straps and tarps. We headed south through Kansas and Oklahoma towards the mother lode of flea-market shopping in Canton, Texas.

It was a trip we had talked about taking for years.  Giddy with excitement, we made lists of all the things we were on the lookout for...cabinets and tin ceiling tiles, old ledger paper, vintage textiles and jewelry.  The list went on and on.  Our first stop found us in Pittsburg, KS, a mere hour from home.  Old toolbox anyone?  Load it up of course!

We shopped our way through Oklahoma, stopping at any place that caught our fancy.

Unfortunately, this place wasn't open for the day yet but that didn't stop us from exploring the outside!

You know this is on the list of places to return to!
I'm embarrassed happy to report we had to make a stop in Tulsa to drop our first load at Jana's daughter's house for fear we may not have enough room for the treasures we just knew we were going to find...

it's a good thing we did, because boy did we ever find treasures!

And I found kettle corn!
There were lots of things we didn't buy...

But just a few that we did!

We returned home late on Sunday with a full truck and trailer and an empty tank of gas.  We had treasures, and ideas and projects to start, stories to tell and memories of new friends made along the way.
Let me tell you, if ever you need just a little jolt to your creativity and sense of adventure, head to Canton, TX for First Monday Trade Days.  I assure you it won't disappoint!

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