Tuesday, March 26

Welcome to the Good Life

A quick video of our recent vacation put together by my son:

And we do have a very good life...

Tuesday, March 5

This Little Light of Mine

There's a saying that goes around my house quite often when talking to my children.  "Wantin' and gettin' are two different things."  Well, it seems I've had to take my own advice.  You see, this tuxedo chandelier from Z Gallerie was on my "wantin' list" for  above my island in my kitchen.

But it weighs in with a hefty $799 price tag so it didn't make it on the "gettin' list."  What you can't see from this online picture is the beautiful soft gold on the inside of the shade that casts the prettiest light. Here is a really bad iPhone picture from the display at the store.

So off to the inter webs I did go and found this as a more budget friendly option.

While it is lovely and the price was right at $229, the inside of the shades were bright white and didn't give off the soft glow I was wanting.  

Enter Rub N' Buff, one of my newest favorite friends.

I put a bit of it on a paper plate and went to town on the insides of the shades.

Six shades and a handy husband later...wait that sounds wrong.  Anyway, my handy husband did hang the light for me and this is what I ended up with.

I'm thinking for a little more than 1/4 of the cost and a little elbow grease, this little light of mine was a pretty good compromise.

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