Tuesday, January 25

Class Collage

Class Collage
Class Collage by jdo918 featuring heart bracelets

My first attempt at a digital collage on polyvore.com for Misty Mawn's class.  I definitely need to work on my composition, and I think I much more enjoy getting my hand messy with paint and glue!

So after posting the original collage above, I imported it into Picnik and did a little more work there.  Now there is much more depth and color.  Here is the end result

Thursday, January 13

The Apple of My Eye

I'm taking my FIRST EVER art class.  It is an online course taught by the amazingly talented Misty Mawn.  We are nearing the end of week one and although I haven't even gotten close to finishing ALL of the assignments, this sketch of an apple is about the only recognizable work I have produced.  

Hopefully I'll have more to share over the next 4 weeks!

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