Friday, January 13

Conversations With a Three Year-Old

Me:  Wow!  Julia you look great but we may have to change before we go into town.

Julia:  But Mom!  These are my special errand-running clothes!

Tuesday, January 10

A Very Caribbean Christmas

The kids are past the Santa years (except one) and frankly we were getting tired of shopping and filling our house with more overpriced junk.  This year we decided to take a family vacation for Christmas.  We quizzed our travel agent a bit and then decided on Turks and Caicos.  If you are looking for a vacation packed with action and adventure this might not be the one, but if you need to entertain children between the ages of 3 and 20 and you want to relax this is surely a top contender.

Everyone enjoyed playing in the ocean.

Our butler, Aide showed off his fire dancing skills for us at dinner.

We turned TJ into a sand mermaid.

We watched a colorful, rhythmic parade.

But one of my favorite memories of the trip is how easily Julia made friends.  Generally she met a new friend each day, but she met Anastasia the second day and played with her almost every day.  When Julia first met her, she couldn't understand why Anastasia was "speaking English" German to her.  Ana would say something to Julia and she would try to repeat it.  When Ana didn't understand what Julia was saying to her, Julia tried again in her own made up language, then throw her head back and laugh like it was just the funniest thing.  They finally just settled on the international language of sand castles...

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