Saturday, May 1

Things I Don't Like

Okay, so I am copying Andrea's idea, but it just got me thinking.  So here goes:

  1. Laundry, you are a cliche, but really, must you breed in the dark corners of every closet AND the laundry room?  There must be a solution.  
  2. Mean girls.  13 or 55, I just don't like you.  Peace on earth will begin with us, girls so let's not tear each other down.
  3. Musty towels.  Enough said.
  4. Flying, stinging insects.  I know, I know you are necessary for my beautiful garden, but frankly, I'm afraid of you.
  5. Cigarette smoke
  6. Grammatical errors.  Call me a speech snob, but blame it on my parents if you will.
  7. Liver and onions.  Really?  Mom and Dad, this was cruel and unusual punishment.  The one meal that could make me become a vegetarian! 
  8. Helicopter Moms.  You know, the ones that hover around everything their children do, get in the airspace and kick up dust everywhere in their wake.

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