Thursday, May 6

It's Official

Many things have become official lately.  We have moved from our big house in the country to our beautiful house by the lake in town, we have a contract on our big house in the country (yeah!),  and we have a son getting ready to graduate from high school (what?).  What I'm referring to though is the official start of summer for me; planting my pots for back deck and front stoop.  I'm not lucky enough to live in a temperate climate like Mary Ann, so each spring I must drag out the pots, make a dash to the nursery, and get my hands dirty.  Ahhh summer!

If only my hibiscus could live in the yard and greet me year after year!

Moss is my favorite to line my wire forms, but who knew it is harvested right alongside some illicit drugs!  Every nursery that is lucky enough to get it in the door is witness to its immediate disappearing act. Coco fiber mat will have to suffice this year.  With a little TLC these babies will cover it right up anyway.

Fuscia geraniums in hanging baskets.  Love, love, love

Don't try to hide beautiful hibiscus bloom.  You may just be the star of the show!

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