Friday, April 13

Oh Dear!

Here's what happened. Carol had to go and post about deviled eggs.  And then Sharon W (sorry, Sharon doesn't have a link to share) had to comment about the Pioneer Woman's breakfast muffin melts.  And of course I had to go there and get the recipe.  But I didn't have the English muffins, I only had refrigerated biscuits.  So I flattened out the biscuits and laid them in a muffin tin.  Then I stuffed them with a scoop of above mentioned deliciousness and baked them according to the directions on the biscuit can.  This is what I pulled from my oven:

Can I just tell you, I burned the roof of my mouth and my tongue.  I think I've said enough.

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  1. So I've totally made this recipe (Love Pioneer Woman) and I've used cresents before (in the muffing tins) and phyllo--both fantastic. I actually prefer the cresents (over the biscuits and the English muffins) because of the flaky buttery-ness. YUM! I think I know what I'm making for dinner... with a nice side salad and maybe a side of cinn rolls???


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