Wednesday, July 13

It's Not Saturday

I'm really going to try to keep up with "Songs That Make Us Sing Saturdays" which I learned about over at Because I'm The Mommy.  I'm acutely aware that it is Wednesday, but I just came across it so I'm gonna post it today...rules schmules.  Wanna play along?  Click on the button in the left sidebar to get all the info.


  1. I love that song! Thanks for linking up with us! See ya next Saturday.

  2. GREAT SONG!!! Thanks for joining the P-A-R-T-Y!!! We don't have any rules...that's how fun we are...LOL!! Thanks for the Wednesday sing-a-long...see you Saturday!

    how do I follow you?? Can't find it :(

  3. Now following...gotta start somewhere! ;) I have only been blogging for over a month and now have a whopping 65 followers...LOL!!


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