Friday, February 5

Wonderful Obsession

I recently came across a photography technique called "through the viewfinder."  It involves taking photographs with a "top" camera through the viewfinder of a vintage camera.  Well, what was a girl to do but buy a couple of vintage cameras off eBay and give it a try!  I waited patiently (not really) for my Argus Seventy-Five and my Kodak Duaflex II to arrive.  The happy pair are pictured below.

Using an empty cereal box, i built my contraption for the Duaflex II, instructions courtesy of Russ Morris.


The following collage shows some of my favorite shots so far.  The top two were taken with the Argus and the bottom two with the Kodak.  I have to say my favorites are taken through the Argus Seventy-Five.

There is no doubt this will become another wonderful obsession!

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