Wednesday, October 28

I'm Back!

It's been too long.  I have stayed away from my blog for so long now, it seems a lifetime ago.  I just returned from a beautiful few days in Port Townsend, WA and now I am truly reinspired!  It just takes a short time surrounded by wonderfully creative people and the juices begin to flow again.  I must stay focused though. So many new techniques to try, so many new things to learn! I understand now why so many people go to the Northwest to find their creative muse.  What a supremely beautiful place!

The views from Fort Worden State Park are incredible! This place will forever call to me.  A big thank you to Teesha and Tracy Moore for the first ever Journalfest!  You can check them out at and
I've learned so much.  Now, I must honor it all by continuing my creative journey.


  1. Thank you Jenny for the kind comment...but I allready saw the kindness oozing out of you and your sister at journalfest...mostly with eachother...that was quite lovely to witness.. I was lucky to be sitting next to you two in the last few hours of this amazing eventful days...Beautiful pictures you took...the sky was so beautiful that morning we left. Keep on journaling and hopefully we'll see each other again...I received so many comments on my passport journal that I may dedicate a class just for making one like that next Journalfest. Enjoy your fall day..

  2. Hi Jenny! Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting. You are so right on the inspiration of the Pacific Northwest - I think the ocean, the spirit, the rain and the sun, and the beautiful sunrises are the muse-dancing stuff of dreams! I know my muse loved it! I'm adding your blog to my list on my blog of "Journal Festies blogs" so I can keep up with your art!


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