Friday, December 12

Snow Day

We just got one of our first snows of the season and Julia was very intrigued by it. Her new trick is to holler to get everyone's attention (not that she doesn't already have it) when she wants something. She could see Bruce (the dog) outside on the deck and wanted to get at him or the snow. Once she was successfully side-tracked by the remote she was content to watch the snow fall from the window!


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. i had to remove the first posting of this because of a missed space. i hate being a perfectionist...

    you're right. not only do i have time to write, i have more time to write. unfortunately, i've been bogged down in the killers of creative genius--inertia, dashed hopes because of dreams that REFUSE to come to fruition, and, well, other important excuses, to name a few. but i don't have anything as perfect to write about as that beautiful little jola who is ready to use the remote to switch over to spring at the first sign of dirty snow.

  3. hey great banner!

    love the snow photos, you have the cutest baby!!

  4. hey there, hope to see you post again soon. sorry my hemlock tree and fairies was so badly done. i think perhaps you overestimate my potential skill at drawing. i hope you had a good holidays - of COURSE you did with maggie there. happy new year!


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