Tuesday, August 2

On Getting Older...and Acting Younger

Disclaimer:  I am a Jayhawk...because my best friends made such bad decisions as to be Wildcats should be no reflection on me

This past weekend a small group of my dearest friends headed to the lake to celebrate the birthday of one of said friends.

This weekend we ate too much fabulous food.

This weekend we dumped ourselves and a cooler of beer out of a canoe and into the lake.

This weekend we took pictures with gnomes and swans.

This weekend we got caught in motion lights.

This weekend we watched a beautiful thunderhead put on a show over the lake.

This weekend we listened to lots of great music.

This weekend we reminisced of past adventures.

This weekend we plotted new adventures.

This weekend we explored an abandoned camper.

This weekend we laughed until we cried.

This weekend we talked about getting older, but enjoyed acting younger...

1 comment:

  1. GREAT picture! You can sure tell you all know how to have a good time together and enjoy each others company. I want to hear more about getting caught in the motion lights :-)


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