Monday, August 9

Time to Fly

It can't possibly be 18 years ago that I snapped this picture at a turf convention.  And now here it is 2010 and my oldest has officially flown the coop.  
Finger paints and Halloween parties at Jungle Ginny's, sandy everything from swimming at Hillsdale Lake, combined birthday parties at Hillsdale, laser tag, and  the swimming pool, baseball bats turned stick horses, Power Rangers every Halloween, hikes and forts and campfires with s'mores, soccer games, basketball games, baseball games, football games, teaching his younger brother and sister to ride their bikes, dirt bikes and motor cross uniforms, golf cart rides, learning to drive, muddy uniforms in the washer, sprained ankles, sprained knees, torn shoulders, student council, LEO club, homecoming candidates, proms, so many memories to list.  The feelings this transition brings are so opposed to each other; sadness that my little boy is no more and happiness and pride that he has become such a caring, compassionate, intelligent, and capable young man ready to begin his next great adventure.  All the blessings of God and the universe to you Ash.  Can't wait to see you soar!

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  1. jenny, i was a blubbering mess today writing my post about adali at the dentist. she's only 2 and i feel like i am going to be seeing her off to college at any minute. i can't imagine the swell of emotions seeing ashton off was like. i do know you should be very proud of him. from everything i have heard you have raised him to be an incredible person. for that, you should be proud!



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