Wednesday, February 12

My Next Victim

Just before Christmas and just before Old Man Winter put a stranglehold on the Midwest, my friend Jana and I made a shopping trip to the West Bottoms.  I wasn't looking for anything in particular and that's usually when I make the best finds.  I found this little treasure in the first store we popped in to.

I knew it was a complete redo because I could tell it had gotten wet and the foam on the back was disintegrating.  It is a great size though at only 60" wide and about 2 1/2 feet deep and was priced at $84.50.  The frame doesn't have any wiggle at all so I knew it had great bones.  I had several images saved as inspiration for future projects.

I don't have a source for this one.  Anyone have it?

I love the straight lines and vibrant colors of all these sofas.  Mine is headed into my lounge where the walls are painted Benjamin Moore's Graphite.  I thought a great vintage velvet would look great on it so I ordered up this.

It will take me a couple of weeks to whip it in to shape, but here are a few progress shots.

I take tons of progress shots throughout the process, because no matter how many times I think I'll remember exactly how it goes back together, I never do so they serve as my trail of bread crumbs!

This is always about the time I wonder what ever possessed me to take on a project like this…

So this is where we stand right now.  Another few hours of tearing it down and then I'll spend a bit of time cleaning up and staining the frame before I begin putting it all back together.  I can't wait until it can come home!

Wednesday, November 20

Chair Pair Gets An Update

This cute little duo needed an update. 

I'm amping up this little upholstery business of mine, so to get started again I agreed to do an update on a friend's cute little chairs.

One down and one to be finished later today!  My plan is to really gear up after the first of the year, so if you're in the Kansas City area and have a project you need done, send me an email at

Tuesday, August 20

Because I Need a Smile Today

Does this make you want to crawl into a ball pit?

Monday, August 19

Dancing on the Clouds

Heaven received a beautiful soul early yesterday morning.

He was kind and funny; generous and loving; full of life and a truly inspiring young man.  I hesitate to say "was" because I know a part of him is still with all of us that love him so much and miss him so terribly.  I hope you're dancing on the clouds Auston.

Tuesday, July 9

From Sassy to Sexy in One Afternoon

About 2 years ago, I decided to paint my dining room orange.

I really loved the color but hated that the dining room was an open room to the left just inside the front door and I hated the taupe carpet.  Carpet in the dining room?  Genius!  So last year we did some pretty major renovations to the main floor and I moved my dining table to the kitchen where it makes much more sense, we added hardwoods to this room, had all the floors on the main level refinished, and I had a cabinet built into the weird inset along the back wall.

I decided to use this room as a lounge and turned my new cabinet into a bar cabinet.  I thought I still loved the orange so I kept it, but when we replaced the carpet on the stairs which are open to this room it just looked a little Halloweenish.

This isn't the best shot, but the carpet is a black low-pile with a beige pattern.  I finally got around to fixing the situation with some leftover paint from my son's room.  It is "Graphite" by Benjamin Moore.

Much better for a lounge don't you think?

And it fixed my Halloween theme I had going too!

Thursday, April 25

You might have missed this:

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